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Here it is. After seven years of #blogging and teaching online, here are the first seven modules of The Interactive Voice in a mobile ebook. Get the latest #drafts of my lectures and the best of my online assignments in a handy and quick workbook #algorithm. Take the course yourself and then run an #interactive workshop with your book club, organization, or staff to #connectbetter. Pre-order your summer copy of The Interactive Voice on Amazon today and #writeyourvoice!

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How the Web Teaches Good Writing and Good Writing Wins the Internet.

In this mashup of writing prompts, social networks, and startup wisdom, Robert Kalm delivers a mobile version of his master’s degree course in interactive media showing you how to establish a strong online presence and get more from the Internet.

For professionals, entrepreneurs, programmers, reporters, producers, marketers, students, and teachers—success lies in how well you connect. Inside, you will learn how the Web builds on classic communication skills and how reexamining yours can give you a more confidant grasp on your digital future.

How is a Tweet the perfect sentence? How is a search your perfect audience? How is Wikipedia perfect knowledge, a Kickstarter the perfect proposal, and a selfie the perfect you? How is the Web essential to substantive relationships with clients, colleagues, family, friends, and anyone else you meet offline?

Whether you are a social media novice or naysayer, grow weary of status updates, or just want to strengthen your online muscles in the virtual universe you already love, this book will empower you to navigate the ever-changing technological world and define your Interactive Voice.

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Since the first #note passed between two students, classrooms have had #backchannels. In the interactive world, this is something teachers should encourage. The backchannel is where students internalize #knowledge. To that end, I present Interactive Voices—How We Interact, an email “tinyletter” that collects the best backchannels, people, conversations, ideas, and hacks around #506iv.

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The Interactive Voice is the first book in the Interactive Courses series. I’ll publish modules 8 through 14 of The Interactive Voice in a second volume, The Interactive Venture, sometime during the spring 2018 semester. The Interactive Vision, based on the digital imagery course I tested at Quinnipiac, will follow in the fall. Then in the spring of 2019, I’ll release a brand new set of modules on digital audio in The Interactive Vibe.

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